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What is Konnyaku?

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Konnyaku is a jelly derived from the Konjac plant which is a tuber mostly grown in and venerated in Japan

Konjac can also be made into a popular Asian fruit jelly snack (konnyaku fruit jelly) that can also be added to beverages like ours. It is solidified by mixing konnyaku powder to fruit juice and coconut meat (nata de coco). Konnyaku is high in fiber, low in calories and vegan (has no animal products) rather than other kinds of gelatine substances. Ordinary jelly melts at room temperature but konjac jelly will keep at room temperature in a solid state.

We offer to be added to any of our drinks:

  • konnyaku fruit jelly
  • konnyaku coffee jelly
  • konnyaku green tea jelly

    These are all favorites to add to the following drinks:

    • Bubble Tea
    • Smoothie
    • Milkshake